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Check out our OpenSea to pick to find your own Space Buds!

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Find your Naut and Martian and bring them together with a handshake.
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Why Space Buds?

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We are new wave to the PFP trend. We are hand drawing 1,000 1/1 Nauts & Martians NFT’s that live in the Ethereum blockchain and changing the way that you collect and buy NFT's by adding a whole new aspect of trading. Each Naut, accompanied by a Martian , will create a full Space Buds set. There will be 1000 unique 1/1 Space Bud sets waiting to be claimed once all the drops commence.

How it works

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Individual Nauts and Martians will be dropped on Opensea. 

On November 17 Tier 1 (featuring 500 Nauts and 500 Martians) will be released via Opensea. Tiers 2-6 will follow after.

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Collect matching Nauts and Martains. The list of matching Nauts and Martians will be released either after sell-out or 5 days after the initial release. Note: the number of the Naut and Martian don't mean anything.

Complete sets

Once you collect a matching Naut and Martian, we will trade you the complete set and the original Martian and Nauts will be burnt, leaving one less Set left to be completed and one less Naut and Martian to be bought.

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Once you complete a set you will receive a free slabbed version of your cards made by Elite Slabs and a Space Buds Token. Space Buds tokens are then redeemable for our merch! Our merch will include: Shirts, hats, and hoodies. Space Buds Set owners will also receive a free comic book every time we release a new volume.



Roadmap and Utility 1.0

  • Our Martian will begin to roll out in 6 different tiers all with different themes.

  • Tier 1 will be released (via presale) on November 17. All discord members will have a chance to enroll for the whitelist/pre-sale. After two days the pre-sale will conclude and the SpaceBuds collection will be open to the Public. 

  • Tier 2 will be released (TBA)

  • Tier 3 will be released (TBA)

  • Tier 4 will be released (TBA)

  • Tier 5 will be released (TBA)

  • Tier 6 will be released (TBA)

  • 5 days after we release the Martians and Nauts (or after sellout) we will release the list of the matching/corresponding Martians and Nauts that can be used to complete SETS.


  • Sets are the full picture. Once you have collected the matching Naut and Martian they will be traded to us and burnt and you will receive the full picture (the set.) Set Completions will be done via a Google Form where we collect your wallet address + shipping address. (So you may receive your Slab + SB Coin)

  • Upon Completion of a set, you will receive a Space Buds Coin in your wallet

  • The Coin will be redeemable for personalized IRL Space Buds merch, + future NFT Airdrops

  • A physical slab of your set will be shipped to your house. (Free delivery for shipments in the United States.)

  • Every 1-2 months we will be releasing a new merch catalog. The merch is only available by trading your Space Buds Coin. (Example: 1 Space Buds Coin= 1 shirt, 2 Space Buds Coin= 1 hoodie).

  • COMIC BOOK! We are currently working on a comic book! All Space Buds Set holders will be able to mint a Comic Book Token for FREE (+Gas.) Everyone will have a chance to give us some insight on the personalities of their Buds and how they met so we can incorporate that into the comic book.

  • Collabs. We are always working on finding new projects to work with and creating art to give to our holders. After our release, we will be air-dropping art from various collabs that we plan out along the way!

How to create an NFT/Crypto wallet


Go to <> and select from Android or iOS for mobile application and select Chrome for desktop. You can also go directly to the Chrome store, Google Play store, or Apple App Store (soon).  


You can easily buy Ethereum with a debit card or Apple Pay directly within MetaMask by clicking “Add funds”. You can request funds from a friend by sending them a payment request showing your QR code in person or by sharing your public address.

Get Started Collecting!

All our Nauts and Martians are available for purchase on our Opensea!

Space Buds Mission Statement

Our main objective at Space Buds is to create real intrinsic value and utility for our community by using our funds to give back real value to our holders through physical and digital goods that add value to our NFT's. We are pioneers in the NFT space and trying to change the way the way NFT companies and projects should operate. 
Home: About


Home: About
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